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Home Repairs Columbus Georgia

outside home

We can replace rotten wood around the house, build that deck you have been dreaming of, or even build privacy fences.

Just about anything that needs to be done in and around your home can be done by Wilson Handyman.

Project Photos
Outside Deck
Client wanted custom Stockade-style wooden fence. The difference between us and them is they normally use nails to attach pickets. We use only exterior deck screws. The benefit: No loose boards after 6 months. The last section of fence - 230 linear feet total with 2 hidden access gates. You can't see the latch mechanisms from the outside easily.
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Home Repair Tip
Mold in the bathroom?
If you have a reoccurring problem with mold, try this - completely clean all surfaces, tub, shower walls, ceilings, anywhere the mold appears. Next, every time someone takes a shower or bath, run the ventilation fan during the bath/shower and also 30 minutes after - this will help remove most, if not all, of the moisture from the air. If you were planning on repainting the room, be sure to get a mold killing additive mixed in the paint.
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