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Home Repairs Columbus Georgia

about us

Bobby Wilson is a home-grown Columbus High School graduate with a background in the building industry since he worked nights, weekends and summers building trusses for a local company, followed by on-the-job experience installing windows and siding.

handyman's message

We understand the value of the dollar and the pride of home ownership.

From my years managing various local businesses, I also understand the importance of working with people on a personal level about something as important as improvements and repairs to your home.

Company Founder
Bobby Wilson
Bobby is father of two boys, devoted family man, active in local Little League, and a friendly, outgoing entrepreneur who is not afraid to say he cannot do something or afraid to tackle new projects. Just ask the local lawyer who hired him to custom build his wine cellar, or the lawyer that hired him to finish his log cabin, or the myriad of home owners who have called upon him to help them, willing to wait for him to finish other jobs to get to their particular needs.
Home Repair Tip
Crooked pictures?
Try this if you have a picture hanging crooked. take a small pushpin (like used for hemming pants) with a pair of pliers push it into the right lower corner of the frame. Once seated firmly, clip the head off so only about 1/4" sticks out from the frame. Now, level your picture on the wall. When it's level, push the right corner pin into the wall. There - no more crooked picture!
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